The Seed


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“Arielle and I feel the restlessness to discover and push our art. To talk about subjects less common, to pair sounds in unusual ways, guided from our hearts. This is why we decided to create a body of work dedicated to the creative process. ‘The Seed’ is our first single from this. It encourages us to draw inspiration from our mysterious world.”
- Vicente Espi, ANIMA!

“These are songs for anyone who makes something. They are songs that celebrate giving yourself to something that you love-music, art, agriculture, science, hula-hooping-whatever. They are songs for anyone who’s put in work to get better at something just because they enjoy doing it. These are songs for the people who try to turn their passions into a living. These are songs for the people who were told they can’t. These are songs for anybody that questions the idea of a real job. These are songs for anybody that questions the idea of an “artist."
- Arielle Vakni, ANIMA!


The Seed

Every single thing I read making me upset
Scrolling through my daily feed on the internet
What is it that people need? How do we reset?
We all grew from the same seed, but we all forget

That everybody can connect, but instead of that
Were private and were separate, never overlap
We walk around on the defense, are we holding back?
What you give is what you get, and what we’ve got is

Nothing, sitting in our bedrooms day and night, while we try
To leave something beautiful behind

How do we do that?
Lock our doors and analyze, making notes and plans
Then play it back a thousand times, till we understand
Were beautiful with open eyes, live while you can

But were expected to create, on a strict routine
While living in an office space, staring at a screen
We miss out while we sit and wait, when we haven’t seen
What the world will help us make, because we all have

Something, calling us to bring it to the light, so we try
To leave something beautiful behind


released July 26, 2016
Written by ANIMA!
Produced & Mixed by Vicente Espi
Mastered by Alex Psaroudakis, Sterling Sound
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all rights reserved



Breathe In. Breathe Out.

Alt Experimental Pop.

We are a Californian + South African.

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